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Do you think she's pregnant?

You are not alone in this situation. The two of you can get through this. She needs you now more than ever. It's vitally important that you provide her with the support she needs - emotionally and physically.


What to do:

  • Talk to her and listen to her. Keep the lines of communication open between the two of you. Do NOT close yourself off.
  • Be honest with her and yourself. You'll be surprised at how much it will help her to know that you share the same concerns.
  • Educate yourself. Collect information and seek advice from people you trust. Don't rush her into a decision.
  • Go with her to appointments.


What Not To Do:

  • Don't run from your responsibilities. The more you try to avoid this situation, the harder things will get.
  • Don't pressure her to do what you want. You both need to work together; you're a team now.
  • Don't stop communicating with her. Express your feelings and add your input whenever it's needed.