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Informed Choice

When facing an unexpected pregnancy, there are basically three options to choose from: abortion, parenting or adoption. Then there are choices within each choice. Regardless of what decision you make, it's something that should be considered carefully as it's a decision of a lifetime. We are happy to discuss all your options as thoroughly as possible and answer all your questions. Whether you choose to terminate, parent, or make an adoption plan, J. Rophe Medical does not benefit financially.


If you are considering abortion, please contact us before you make a final decision. Before having the procedure, you will need to have your pregnancy confirmed and know how far along you are and whether or not the pregnancy is viable. A significant number of early pregnancies end in miscarriage naturally, so this is good information to have. You would also need to know if it is an ectopic pregnancy. Our nurses can provide that information for you. Then, depending on how far along you are, there are different types of abortions such as medical or surgical. We are here to help you sort through your questions and concerns. There is a lot to educate yourself on before you make a final decision, and we are here to listen and offer support.

Abortion is not always a simple procedure, it may have many side effects. Please contact our clinic so you can make an informed decision.

J. Rophe Medical offers pregnancy diagnosis, decision coaching, and accurate information about all pregnancy options, however, we do not offer or refer for abortion services.



If you choose parenting, will you be a married parent, a single parent or a co-parent?

Some Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Will I manage school, work, and other activities well?
  • Will I still get some free time?
  • How will I provide for my child?
  • Will I handle the stresses of change okay?
  • What kind of parent will I be?
  • Will I still be able to pursue goals?
  • How will parenthood affect my relationships?

These questions and many others are issues the staff at J. Rophe Medical and The Pregnancy Care Center of the North Coast can help you work through. There are many resources in the community available to you.

It is important to hold a realistic view of parenthood. Yes, things will change; and yes, future goals can still be pursued. Priorities shift, but life does not stop. If you choose to continue the pregnancy and parent, the Pregnancy Care Center will come alongside you with practical help so you can be prepared, in the best possible way, to welcome your child and still pursue your dreams.  


When facing an unexpected pregnancy, infant adoption is a loving option to consider. Many describe adoption as bitter-sweet. The loss that is experienced is accompanied by the satisfaction of knowing you did the very best for your child. For many, adoption is a way to transform mistakes into positive outcomes, and to regain a vision of identity for the future.

As a birth parent, you can decide on the "Adoption Plan."  You are in control and can decide what is best for you and your child. There are open adoptions, partially open, and confidential adoptions. We can discuss the differences with you to find the best fit.  

If you are interested, you can speak with birth mothers who have made adoption plans, others who were adopted as infants, and still others who are adoptive parents. We can also refer you to excellent adoption agencies and maternity homes, if you are in need of housing during your pregnancy.